Single trails

A few days ago I described this blog as bilingual and I promised to publish in English sometimes. Now it’s time to write the first English article.

I’m officially on single trails since one week, it’s a bit hard after this long time of common trials. Life is dynamic you never know.

Last Wednesday I was rocking a single trail from Chasseral to Les Près d’Orvin the first time with a fully enduro bike. Thank you Max for giving me the chance to get a test bike. For uphill it’s harder than my hard tail bike, but for downhill it’s really a big fun :-) I never was taking this trail faster. We got a really perfect biking day with great weather and some sort of romantic downhill trail with a lot of sun in the back and very long shadows.
Even it was a quite hard week mentally, I didn’t forget my training:

  • Tuesday 1.11.  just a one hour walk in the forest to free my head
  • Wednesday 2.11. ~3 h bike tour with Max from Les Près d’Orvin – Métairie du Milieu de Bienne – Chasseral – Les Près d’Orvin
  • Friday 4.11. 45 min. of swimming – crawling
  • Sunday 6.11. 80 min. of uphill running Biel – Twannberg – Homatt

Best practice to fight against depressions is doing sports in the sunshine, I absolutely need it :-)


Über Daniel S.

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