Promise and milestones

Last year I promised to not forget my English speaking friends and readers, monthly doing one blog post in English.  You now time is passing fast, life is time consuming but anyway I promised and I’m willing to keep my promise.

After a great silvester – new year party during from 30th december until 2nd January … I had a first big, really big run the 2nd January with my coach and two professional triathlets . You read right with two professional triathlets, one crazy guy left his managing job for a simple job and is living in a bus for best training opportunities.  Except me the 3 guys slept at 11:00 p.m. at silvester and me: I didn’t saw my bed from 31th until the 2nd, I really had big party time :-) Finally I got it, I could run with them, but the last 2 kilometers was the hell and I needed 5 days to recover.  Rest of january I did a bit reduced training with swimming, running and biking due to the cold weather.

1st February I moved into the new apartment and had less time for training. Mid of February I had 4 nice snow sports days in the mountains followed a week with hard sniff, runny nose, then a week of reduced training. But the hell I started training to early and had horrible 10 days with influenca accompanied by very strong cough. About 14 days ago I could retake the training, I did about 300 kms of Cross-Country-Biking, 2 uphill runs with about 12 kms and 600 meters of height and 2 runs with about 8 kms and 250 meters of height and I retaken the force and coordination training at home. Yesterday I had an interval running session with my coach I did about 6 kms of circuit racetrack about 3 kms of high speed between ~20 and ~12 km/h. Now I’m exercising 4 weeks to run with a speed of ~13 km/h and then 4 weeks running with ~15 km/h. The goal is to do a half-marathon (21,2 kms) in 1:30 h.

These are my milestones for this spring time:

  • 28th April 2012: Bernise Overland Mountain-Biking-Tour the heavy style with Max – may the force be with us!

  • 17th until 20th May 2012 the red trip 2012 running from Sempach to Biel with impuls’n’coaching – fun und performance !
  • 8th June 2012 22:15 Bieler Lauftage Nacht-Halbmarathon Biel-Aarberg 21,2 km, Streckenplan … flat, very flat run … should be a little walk … or not ?? When I read about others experienced uphill runners, the flat runs can be hard  ;-)
  • 24th June 2012 Aletsch Halbmarathon Bettmeralp-Riederalp-Bettmerhorn 21,2 km ~800 meters of height, Streckenplan, Profil … that’s my thing, my running profile, my territory, my hot weather … I’m really happy to go on this race :-)

I think I set some nice goals – strong am I with the force !
I’ll keep you informed about the way with the ups and downs – and I hope my English writing isn’t to bad.


Über Daniel S.

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