30 days left


Bielersee – Lake of Biel

Yes I can feel it … slowly I get a bit nervous. 30 days left until my first half marathon at the running days in Biel. 30 years ago I run my last marathon around the lake of Biel. 3 years ago I started my walking just to get better health, to heal my pains on the back and losing about 20 kgs of weight. 2 years ago I started with running and 1 year ago I started some sort of performance sport training with the help of Matthias and Tristan from impulse’n’coaching and Gregor from Physio-Lindenegg. Since then I changed my training plans and I’m running, swimming, mountain biking and doing gymnastic and strength training.



Last August Stephan and I did a run up to the Niesen, about 12 km with 1’600 meter of height in 2:25h. We got a great feeling and decided we want to do the real Niesenlauf, running up the world longest stairway with 11’700 steps. But to be accepted to this steps run your need an official half marathon result. We decided to do that, well I subscribed for the night half marathon at the running days in Biel the 8th June and subscribed Stephan and me for the mountain half marathon at the famous Aletsch Glacier the 24th June … with 800 meters of height and about 300 meters of height just for the last kilometer … that will be funny!


Aletsch Glacier

4 weeks ago I intensified my training. I know that I can run long distances, but now I like to run a bit faster. My training plan contains about 4 runs per week, an interval run, a slow run, a pace run and a long run. The interval runs are the hardest ones, but I see the progress I’m getting better VO2max (maximum of oxygen consumption) and I’m getting faster. The goal is running 15 km/h on 21,2 km. Yesterday I was running about 16 km/h but only for 2 km on the circuit … and it was raining …

When subscribing to the half marathon I had to note a target running time. For the run in Biel I noted 1:40h and for this one at Aletsch 2:20h … both goals are a bit ambitious, but we’ll see.

This Saturday Fabian our youngest is running the GP of Bern a 10 miles run (~16 km). My coach Matthias and some training colleagues will do the same run, Matthias told me that the GP of Bern is a fantastic run with thousands of fans abroad the streets, an atmosphere a bit like at the Tour de France. I think about to participate next year. Well I wish all the best for the runners and especially for Fabian – Let’s rock that body!

Next week a first important milestone happens to me, the Red Trip 2012! A single free running trail from Sempach to Biel, about 100 km of running in 4 days. Just me the nature, rivers, lakes, mountains and the trails … I’m really happy to become part of the Red Trip history :-D


Über Daniel S.

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  1. SomeintPhia schreibt:

    … vielleicht ist es dann im nächsten Jahr mal wieder zu heiss in Bern .. http://someintphia.blogspot.com/2012/05/wow-zum-zweiten-11-min-schneller-gp.html

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