Unforgettable and epic gig in 1993

I visited almost 1’000 gigs in my life, a few of them are absolutely unforgettable. One of the most exciting gigs was in 1993 in Zürich.  The day I remember as it was yesterday, it was the 11th February 1993 a Thursday, one day before my birthday. Only Wednesday I learned about the gig of Fishbone and an unknown opening act at the Volkshaus in  Zürich. Since 1991 I had access to the internet or better I had a 9’600 kb/sec baudrate analog modem with a local access to dial.eunet.ch but I didn’t learned there, no such information you could reach this time. I’m sure I learned about the gig by radio or newspaper. Anyway for me it was sure I’ll have to go to Zürich!

The 11th february 1993 is the day we were warned about 09/11: February 11, 1993: Hijacking Raises Concern of Plane Being Crashed into New York Building

Anyway this Thursday in 1993 I did a couple of calls, but none of my friends had loss and time to do a trip to Zürich just for visiting Fishbone and this unknown opening act. A few weeks later the most of them was unhappy, they missed a legendary gig. Finally I went alone and yes it was really worth doing this trip to Zürich.

The opening act was Rage Against The Machine and the hell it was one of the most surprising gigs in my life. We knew the Red Hot Chili Peppers and other crossover bands, but this raging crossover sound of  the RATM was really a great discovery for the most of the almost 1’000 spectators. WOW – they was rocking our bodies!

A bit older, a little less sporty and sexy as then ;-)

But the hell the gig was unforgettable not only due to RATM, Fishbone is a great band too and the show itself was something of illegally, you can’t imagine. They told about their former tour in the United States and then this was the first gig outside of the United States. They mocked about the puritanism and double moral in the USA and they swarmed about the freedom in Zürich … they performed 20 minutes and then they was half naked on stage. The audience went crazy, especially the women, and 20 minutes later saxophonist and vocalist Angelo Moore, with his really nice body with sixpack, went totally naked !!! You have to imagine a really sexy sporty black guy with a golden saxophone in front of the stage performing with his saxophone and holding his dick into the audience … just crazy … I never saw such a thing on a such big audience. If somebody has a photo from that gig, please deliver it to me, I swear I’ll publish ;-)

Nonetheless the sound, the gig of Fishbone was great too, I think it was the time when Fisbone reached the zenith of their work.



Über Daniel S.

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6 Antworten zu Unforgettable and epic gig in 1993

  1. Samuel Kunz schreibt:

    lustiger Zufall….

    groovesound presents in concert
    Fr. 16.11.2012
    Coupole-Chessu AJZ

  2. Daniel S. schreibt:

    Hey Sam, yeah very cool let’s rock this coupole !!!
    Das Datum ist schon mal vorgemerkt, Fishbone und Coupole … wenn das nicht passt :-)

  3. Chrige schreibt:

    Ja das waren noch Zeiten… ich war gestern am Red Hot Chili Peppers Konzert… war auch geil!!

    • Daniel S. schreibt:

      Salut Chrige

      Ja definitiv … :-)

      Gestern war ich an der sehr gelungenen Premiere von http://www.cyclope2012.ch, das poetisch verrückte Spektakel frei nach Jean Tinguely.
      Das ist einen Besuch wert … mehr darüber, demnächst in meinem Blog.

      Mit dem Stimmkünstler Bruno Amstad http://www.brunoamstad.com habe ich nach dem Spektakel noch diskutiert und wie es der Zufall will: Er war auch dabei am legendären Gig von RATM im Volkshaus Zürich. Ebenso hat der Stefan aus Berlin die RATM eine Woche vorher im Loft in Berlin gesehen. Alle Drei kannten wir RATM vorher nicht und sind uns einig an einem historischen Gig gewesen zu sein, selten hat uns eine Band so brachial positiv überrascht!

      Liebe Gruess Steimi

  4. Pierres schreibt:

    Hey, men you messed up your memory, i remember it was terribly hot and people where staying outside before RATM when the unknown TOOL played. Inside was a sauna..
    proof here => http://www.gigposters.com/poster/58862_Fishbone.html

    But true, unforgottable night.

    And thanks for confirming that Fishbone sax/singer was completly naked, nobody trust me when i talk about that.

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