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30 days left

Yes I can feel it … slowly I get a bit nervous. 30 days left until my first half marathon at the running days in Biel. 30 years ago I run my last marathon around the lake of Biel. 3 … Weiterlesen

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Why I run…

Just a great blog post: Why I run….

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Promise and milestones

Last year I promised to not forget my English speaking friends and readers, monthly doing one blog post in English.  You now time is passing fast, life is time consuming but anyway I promised and I’m willing to keep my promise. … Weiterlesen

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1st cross-country-night-biking

Wow, it was big fun my first cross-country-night biking with Tristan from impuls’n’coaching. We were 4 guys equipped with good spotlight starting in Biel at 18:45. First we drove on street up to Beaumont, exercised spinning a little faster than … Weiterlesen

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Single trails

A few days ago I described this blog as bilingual and I promised to publish in English sometimes. Now it’s time to write the first English article. I’m officially on single trails since one week, it’s a bit hard after this … Weiterlesen

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